These are some of the actual emails I've received from customers about their experiences..........enjoy!

[Miraval] - I want to thank you for helping me with all the arrangements. I would have probably made a different choice just because I didn't really understand everything. You sound like I want to feel when I get through this week. You sound very confident, positive. Again thank you for all your help.

[Miraval] - Wow! What a wonderful place. I just had a blast. I tried to incorporate a little of everything.......exercise, adventure, classes, spa, etc. I felt so good there. I met some wonderful people and one woman in particular who in fact lives in AZ. We exchanged info and hope to keep in touch. It was a vacation like none other I have gone on in the past but the right kind at the right time for me. And I plan on doing it again.

As far as my favorite well.............I did do the Equine Experience which was a bit emotional for me. I did enjoy it and would like to do it again. Had such a great conversation afterwards with the people who did it at the same time. But the most "wow" moment was Quantam Leap II. I signed up for Quantam Leap I but it was only the instructor, myself and one other woman. We ended up jumping off that 40 foot pole and what an experience. I cried and laughed but would absolutely do it again!

The spa is phenomenal as well. My favorite was the 80 minute hot stone. I melted.

Also, loved hearing the coyotes howling at night. It was just such a spectacular place. I can't thank you enough for suggesting and planning it all for me. You did such a wonderful job. You will be hearing from me again I'm sure and as I said, I have some gals that would like to do a trip towards the beginnig of next year. Not sure exactly when but we'll figure it out.

I have taken many things away with me.....I feel like I pay attention to my breathing so much now! I know I won't incorporate everything all the time but learning what I did, I know even just a little here and there can make big changes. And I love yoga. Never did it before.

Thanks again and hope to keep in touch.................

[Oaks at Ojai] - I had a really nice time in Ojai! Very nice facility. The treatments were great and I had a blast with my nail technician. I brought in my glass of wine and she went a got me some veggies and dip during my pedicure. What a hoot! A few comments for you:

The clientele was mostly in their 40s, 50s and 60s. I was the youngest one there for the most part...but not by that much! :)

The food was iffy. Breakfast was really unappetizing and I ate out. Dinner was the best of all meals.

They are not kidding at all when they say no salt or sugar in anything or even available to add. This means no sugar in the morning with your coffee, which just about made me cry. haha

The rooms were really nice and so was the area around them. You followed nice little sidewalks to your cottage. The pool was very nice and there was a great grassy area next to it to sit and read or sleep.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the classes alot but no one really used the exercise equipment. It was kind of out in the middle of everything and people would be walking through all the time.

The town of Ojai is really cute for a weekend. Lots of shops and cute restaurants on the same block as the spa and even a little movie theater across the street. There is also a really nice park across the street.
Thanks again for all your help. I'm keeping your info and will recommend others to your site when they are looking to get away.

[Miraval] - Miraval was awesome-even better than I remembered. I actually had to stay an extra day because of the bad weather on the East Coast but they let me stay in the same room and were very acommodating. I think the rooms have been re-done since my last visit and my room was beautiful.
I had great weather, most days were 75 degrees with the last two days a bit cooler but lovely.
I tried the Equine Experience and really liked it-great suggestion.

My favorite spa treatments were:
- Thai Massage with Jared (he's the best therapist for Thai Massage that I've ever been to)
- Hot Stone Massage with Lalania (also the best therapist that I've ever had a Hot Stone from)
- Deep Tissue with Peter was also exceptional.

Thanks so much for your help and service. With any luck I will contact you again next year!

[Canyon Ranch] - I'm sorry I have taken so long to get back and let you know how much I appreciate your counsel and arrangements for my trip to Canyon Ranch! It was a very nice stay and was hugely helpful in getting me back on track with fitness and health goals. I've been alcohol free since the 4th of February, almost 7 weeks now and found it effortless...I've lost 10 lbs! I'm eating less and healthier. Wow!

So thank you for your guidance and keep making recommendations.

[Miraval] - Thanks so much for your help in getting me to Miraval Oct 4-8. It was a life enhancing experience with unforgettable experiences! I absolutely loved it and consider it the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Certainly hope to go back again and again.

[Red Mountain] - Just want you to know Beth and I think you are a goddess!!  We had a marvelous time at Red Mountain. I am working hard at not letting the "glow" of 4 days in heaven wear off now that I am back at work.

I just want to tell you that it was the perfect place for both of us.
Beth went on her hikes or bike rides at the crack of dawn every morning and I did the power walks after sleeping in a little. We met back up at Yoga; Beth had never tried it, and then 30 minutes of visiting until lunch.

I did 4 spa treatments and several seminars. We both read until we fell
asleep every night. Perfect!!  We met so many nice people and the staff was always gracious. Can't wait to go back next year or sooner and maybe take Moms or sisters.  Everything was in bloom, cactus, roses, trees, it was paradise.

We would have never found it without your help. Thank you, thank you, and
thank you. We consider your profession as important as any in the mental
health field.

[Miraval] - Hey, I am withdrawing from Miraval today, darn it.

Donna, it was just great, I met a lot of very nice people,plus the staff and made friend there as well.  It really is just a quiet safe place, no glitz, just so nice. The best of linens. I want my bed!  And the chef to cook for me!

The classes(ALL!) were wonderful, meaningful and now I have to incorporate them into daily life.

Keep me posted. I would like to get a group together. Do they give a discount if you bring 8 or more?

Many thanks in mindfullnes!

[Red Mountain] - My adventure at Red Mountain Spa was fantastic and I have you to thank!! Red Mountain really was incredible!! The employees at RM were so accommodating, the people running the activites were super friendly and you can tell they just loved what they did!! The rooms were very cozy and my bed was so comfortable!! The people working at the spa, made my experience so relaxing and enjoyable!! I just loved the body wrap from Jennifer!! I have never had a body wrap before and it was awesome!!

Donna, really I have you to thank for all of this!! Your knowledge and expertise is what allowed me to enjoy my trip so much!! Having you help me plan my trip from beginning to end, made it less stressful for me! Because of you knowing to fly into Las Vegas and take the shuttle to Red Mountain was so helpful, and it allowed me to see the sights of Nevada/Utah!! Also, after speaking to other women who did not know about the shuttle and who flew directly into St. George, made me realize I had such superb guidance in booking my trip. The women mentioned that the flight into St. George was pretty scary, and that they wished that they knew to fly into LV and take the shuttle. Also, another woman who I was talking to when I was getting my manicure, I told her about you and your services, how you literally booked everything for me, her jaw dropped!! I mean she really was in awe!!

So thank you , Donna, for guiding me and making my first trip to a spa extremely relaxing and enjoyable!! You made everything so easy for me, even with my few changes to my schedule, and you always were so happy to help out or answer any questions I may have had! This trip and all of your help really made up for disasterous trip to Capri last year!! I am really happy that I stumbled upon your website a few weeks ago, and you can be sure that I will be raving about you and your services to everyone!! In fact, I have already started!!

Please keep in touch and you will definitely be hearing from me again!!