The full name of this stunningly beautiful place in Sedona, Arizona is "Mii Amo, a Destination Spa at Enchantment" and while that's a mouthful it's really the best way to describe it - its a small resort-within-a-resort, and very much a Destination Spa, which although small, is in every way on the same level of luxury and service as the larger more well-known destinations Spas of the world.

Mii Amo means "[one's] path" or "journey" in Yuman, a traditional Native American language of northern Arizona, and the Mii Amo Spa has incorporated that philosophy into a holistic atmosphere intended to create the life-enhancing experience of achieving a transformation in physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual renewal.  To do this, Mii Amo has created their own unique menu of "Journeys", each designed to address a different area of life.  By choosing a particular journey you can customize your experience to focus on your own particular goals or intentions.

Located in Boynton Canyon, Mii Amo Spa is surrounded by the scenic seclusion of the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness.  Watching over Mii Amo as if she's guarding the entrance to this canyon is a wind carved rock formation called 'Kachina Woman.'  Native Americans say this is their 'Garden of Eden' - a place where 'first woman' gave birth to the human race.  Mii Amo Spa at Enchantment Resort features 16 specially designed spa casitas and suites with spectacular views of Boynton Canyon. These Southwestern-style hideaways are centered around a courtyard built in harmony with the red-rock terrain.   Choose from one of fourteen Spa Casitas, featuring two queens or one king bed, with beautiful built-in furnishings. All casitas offer fireplaces enhanced by a private courtyard or balcony with glorious views.

The Crystal Grotto is the heart and soul of Mii Amo Spa - a domed room whose design is inspired by a traditional Native American place of ritual (a Kiva).  Featuring a skylight through which the sunlight streams down to reflect off of the natural crystal in the walls, creating a magical and calming effect, the Grotto is used for quiet contemplation over symbolic earth elements, and is also where the staff gathers and guests are invited each morning to set their individual 'intention for the day' and retrieve the freshly energized oils used in Mii Amo treatments.

Mii Amo Spa has 19 indoor treatment rooms and five outdoor ones, along with seven pools of water, both indoor and outdoor.  Mii Amo Spa also features a wide selection of exercise equipment, saunas, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a relaxation room, a steam room, a full fitness class schedule, and an enormous and varied array of spa treatments for individuals as well as couples.   Many of the spa treatments integrate elements and ingredients of traditional Native American culture.

The Mii Amo Spa also features a very full menu of Ayurvedic services, and many one-on-one services, such as astrology readings, hypnosis, and past-life regression therapy.  Also offered is Aura Soma Therapy, an in-depth personal color reading based on your choice of four 'equilibrium oils.' 

Unique specialized Mindfulness Sessions can help bring balance back into your life, and private nutrition counseling can help you deal with a variety of issues ranging from losing weight to slowing down the aging process by eating the right type of foods.  The most unique offering at Mii Amo Spa is their Mii Amo Journeys, of which there are five to choose from - each addressing a different area of life - these 3, 4, or 7 night programs are designed to be a personal journey to health and wellness.