Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin Spa Resort is a casually elegant lakeside resort (I love the lake-activities offered, water is so calming) and I'm happy to announce that it has recently been named the #1 destination spa in North America by Condé Nast Traveler.   I found it to be very low-key and relaxed without the new-agey vibe of other Spas, which makes it very comfortable if you're just looking for a relaxing getaway and not to explore your spirituality.  You can if you want to, it's just not the focus.

It's also a very small, intimate Spa Resort - just 40 rooms, and it's location right on the water allows it to offer a variety of water activites, such as kayaking, hydro-biking, pontoon-boat tours, and waterskiing. I love to cook healthy meals with the freshest ingredients and one of the attractions of Lake Austin Spa Resort is their Culinary Experience. They offer a week-long cooking program every month with varying topics that feature guest chefs from around the country, and it's a year round program, which is even more impressive.

The Spa treatments are, as you'd expect, luxurious and plentiful. The only problem is trying to choose from their over 100 treatments!  The Spa facility itself is spacious (25,000 square feet) so even though this Destination Spa is small and intimate, it certainly doesn't feel small or crowded.  My favorite spa treatment at Lake Austin is called "Fruits of the Shore", which is over 2 hours of pure, fig-scented blissful treatments guaranteed to send you gently into dreamland - save it for before bedtime!

The cuisine at Lake Austin Spa Resort is wonderfully delicious and creative, and healthy although it tastes sinful.  I was impressed with their "Friendship Table", where guests who are visiting the spa alone can meet others, share a glass of wine or beer, and make friends - or if you prefer you can take advantage of their room service and dine in the comfort of your guestroom.  Either way you'll love the food!