The Golden Door Spa

For many years "The Golden Door" was synonymous with the terms "Destination Spa" or "Health Resort" because The Golden Door was the very first resort of it's kind.  With it's breathtaking Japanese Honjin-inspired architecture and landscaping it's still the most unique destination spa of any I've worked with, and has a wonderful sense of peacefulness that envelopes you from the moment you arrive.

Opened in 1958, The Golden Door was the brainchild of founder Deborah Szekely, who envisioned a place where guests could enjoy the combination of luxury, relaxation, spa treatments, and focus on health and fitness that wasn't being offered anywhere else at that time.  Since then, The Golden Door has perfected their programs and therapies, and offer not just a broad range of fitness activities as well as spa and beauty treatments to choose from, but also your own personal esthetician, who will custom design your beauty regimen for the week, ensuring that you leave feeling like a new person!

The food is divinely delicious and extraordinarily fresh, as all of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown organically onsite, and poultry entrees are made from locally raised free-range chicken or turkey.   And of course, owing to The Golden Door's scenically serene southern California location, the fish is freshly caught in the nearby Pacific Ocean - it just doesn't get any fresher!

One of my favorite things about The Golden Door is that they provide each guest with spa attire throughout their stay - a clean warm-up suite, shorts, and t-shirts daily, along with robes and sandals (they even provide hats and gloves for early morning hikes during the winter!), and they also graciously provide maid service five times daily, including laundry service - so nice!  The staff really works hard to meet all your needs and make you feel pampered, and they do it so unobtrusively that everything just seems to get done by magic.

Be aware that for most of the year, The Golden Door Spa is a "women only" retreat - with special Co-Ed and Men Only weeks schedule only a few times each year.  In addition, The Golden Door is a small, intimate resort that can accommodate only 40 guests at a time, so if you want to experience this very special Destination Spa, I highly recommend planning a few months ahead.