Canyon Ranch Tucson

I highly recommend Canyon Ranch Health Resort Tucson to all of my friends and clients who are looking to spend a week totally focused on a healthy lifestyle, fitness and activity - there is plenty to choose from here, and it can feel a lot like bootcamp unless you're already in great shape.  If you're not, don't worry - this is a great place to start changing your life and health, and you can certainly begin slowly and go at your own pace.  Like many things in life, you'll get out of it what you put into it.

Located in the lush Southwest desert, Canyon Ranch Tucson is casually elegant and boasts an impressively wide variety of fitness activities to choose from, including a well-developed outdoor program of hiking, mountain biking, golf, horseback riding, and much more that lets you explore and appreciate the beauty of the desert while you're getting some great exercise.

And Canyon Ranch Tucson has one of the most beautiful Spas I've ever seen.  An extensive variety of treatments and a terrific Spa staff is why the Canyon Ranch Tucson Spa is one of my favorites.  Oh and for people who enjoy good food (who doesn't?), the food here is so good it doesn't seem like it could be as healthy as it is, and everyone - staff and guests alike - are warm and friendly.

Be aware though, that Canyon Ranch does not serve alcohol - that practice is in keeping with their philosophy of offering only healthy options - but for those who have no interest in trying an alcohol-free week, you can bring your own and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine on your patio before you head off to dinner.

Canyon Ranch Spa Lennox Massachusetts

Canyon Ranch Lenox is snuggled comfortably in the lush and romantic woody hills of the Berkshires, an area so charmingly beautiful that it reminds me of tales of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, of Kings and Queens and castles.   If I had to describe Canyon Ranch Lenox with only two words, they would be "gracious" and "elegant", but then I'd also throw in "welcoming" just because I can't help myself, and I can't really describe anything with only two words.  Sue me.

Although the activities offered at Canyon Ranch Lenox naturally differ from those offered at Canyon Ranch Tucson, primarily due to climate and environment, they are equally fun, stimulating, interesting, and will definitely make you forget you're actually getting in some good excercise!

The Spa facility at Canyon Ranch Lenox is enormous, yet very comfortable, and encompasses a wide variety of traditional spa services along with a bountiful array of indoor fitness classes and equipment.  Start your day with a mind-cleansing Yoga class, work up a good post-lunch sweat with a game of squash, then finish off the afternoon with a relaxing massage or soak in the jacuzzi.  Whether your goal is to kick-start a healthy new lifestyle or just to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat, you'll find what you're seeking here.

And of course the food at Canyon Ranch Lenox is known as much for the awards it's won as the raves it gets from guests (including me!).  Although there are a few regional variations from the menu served in Tucson, what both boast is superb taste, artful presentation, and fresh, wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

I've often been asked which of the two is my favorite - but trying to choose between them is like trying to choose between two lovely and talented offspring - although alike in many ways, each is unique and offers an experience unlike the other, and deserves to be appreciated for itself.   I love them both!