Cal A Vie Spa Resort

Popular with celebrities and the jet-set, Cal-A-Vie Health Spa caters to those who demand a level of luxury not always found at other Destination Spas - for example, each of their 24 spacious accommodations is a private villa, elegantly appointed, with california King sized beds and a private balcony offering breathtaking views of the surrounding lush hills and valley.

Although located on 200 acres in sunny southern California, Cal-A-Vie has a very european feel to it - reminiscent of the countryside of Provence in France or Tuscany in Italy.  But don't let it's charmingly relaxed look fool you - Cal-A-Vie is highly fitness oriented, with a structured program that gives it a "boot camp-like" atmosphere - which is truly great for those of us who lack a strong sense of self-discipline.  If you're looking for a way to jump-start a weight loss or fitness program and get your body into better shape (as the many celebrity guests do before they head of to shoot a new film), then Cal-A-Vie is perfect for you.

Cal-A-Vie boasts a staff-to-guest ratio of 4 to 1, ensuring a very high level of personalized service, and each individual's fitness program is custom-tailored to one's goals and current fitness level, with an eye to developing a program that each participant can continue when they return home.

The Cal-A-Vie diet is low-fat and low-calorie, and each individual's daily caloric intake is both carefully doled out and closely monitored according to a custom-designed diet especially prepared based on your body size, weight, fitness goals, and daily excercise regimen - but don't worry!  The gourmet cuisine is also really very delicious and satisfying so you won't have to worry about feeling hungry when you leave the table.  In fact, I'm sure you'll enjoy the food so much that, like many guests, you'll want to take their cookbook home with you!

Although Cal A Vie claims that their Spa Treatments program is "unlike any other", I have to be honest and tell you that it is very much like many other Spa Treatment programs at any of the world's finest Destination Spas - with first-class european-style skin care and body care therapies that will make you both look and feel better, more relaxed, and definitely rejuvenated.  The best part is that almost all of their packages include some treatments, with their European Plan being the best value with 16 included treatments so you can pamper yourself like royalty when you stay at Cal A Vie.